Largesse Challenge
Unto all Warriors of Valor, Lords and Ladies that Band together to
protect the Lands of Caid, do we the Hospitallers of St. John send
you Greetings of peace.

Let it be known by all who bear witness, to Herald and Shepard to
bring this message to the far reaches of the Land, that we the
Hospitallers, in the spirit of friendship and love, challenge all
Known War bands within Caid to a Largesse competition.The
rules of the Competition are as thus. During each reign, present
the Queen of Caid with six pieces of Largesse made by the hand
of the warriors of your war band. These Items are to be
presented to the Fall Queen before the end of Closing Court at
May Potrero, and to the Spring Queen before the end of Closing
Court at Calafia Anniversary. The winner of the Challenge will
receive  the Praise and word fame generated by the Hospitallers
of St. John of Caid, as well as the renown your great deeds will
bring for enriching the realm.

Good gentles, this Challenge helps the Crown and Kingdom. It
gives unto our monarchs valuable Largesse to distribute unto the
people as well as to the visitors of this Kingdom and to those their
Majesties meet on their travels. It also shows that the warriors of
Caid are well versed in the Arts and Sciences as well as the
fighting aspects.

Show the Known World that we are not only the greatest warriors
in any Kingdom, but the most rounded and loving men and women
of calibre and that our love for this land shines bright.

Till Death we Serve,
The Hospitallers of St. John of Caid